The Raindrop

The little raindrop fell from up high,
The little raindrop fell from the sky

Where it went, I can show
But where it came from, I don’t know!

Gently taps on the garden floor,
Softly makes a thousand sounds

Like a drum tapping away
The raindrop adds a splash to the day

Where it went, I can go
But where it came from, I wish I’d know

And when the Sun and the Raindrop meet,
They form a colourful rainbow sweet

And when the cheerful rainbow smiles,
It’s glory runs for miles and miles

And today is the lovely day,
When the trees swish and sway

Welcoming the gentle drop
To their roots as it says, “Plop!”


I have always wondered,
How trees become green
And how on the lemon,
Yellow can be seen

How the blueberry appears to be blue,
And how brown is the colour of dad’s shoe

Why granny’s hair is white,
And why my pink shirt is so tight!

Why is the sky blue?
Why is the olive black?
I don’t have a clue,
But I must not turn back…

I asked my dad and he replied,
“I don’t know”, but I still tried

I asked my mother and she said,
“It’s nature’s creation, now go to bed”

Now I know why that’s the colour of the cat
But how does nature do it? I still don’t know that!


When you visit the fruit shop,
what to buy first?
The Apples of course,
As they quench your thirst!

When you’re back from the camping,
what do you eat?
The Apples of course,
They are so sweet!

What do you make for dinner?
Apple pie, it’s always the winner!
What else can you make with Apples?
Smoothies and cakes and truffles!

Crunch them, munch them,
Breakfast them, lunch them
Don’t bother what you do with them,
Just make sure you chew on them!

Juiciest of the juicy,
Freshest of the fresh
Who are they?
Apples, YES!