Gandhiji’s Words

In a dream I saw Gandhiji
Something that he said
I just remembered one thing
“Clean up your messy bed!”

I kept thinking about this dream
Oh what could it mean???
Then I knew just what to do
I had to keep things clean

Off I went to clean my bed
And then I grabbed a broom
It worked like a magic wand with me
What a neat and tidy room!

Now I know he is happy
Now that my room is neat
I am sure that I’ll keep it like that
Don’t think I’ll cheat!


Summer is so sunny
Flowers bloom so quick
Out come little bunnies
Hardly anyone gets sick

Children gather flowers
There are mangoes everywhere
Sunny days are blossoming
Windy days are rare

Lush green trees are growing
Ice cream makes us cool
It’s not at all snowing
There’s no time for school

Oh, it’s so hot and sunny
I guess I will have a drink
The drink makes me feel funny
I want to dunk my head in the sink

Summer is a lot of fun
Gifts we will send
Eating candy and lots of buns
Then summer has it’s end

The Morning Sun

It may be lazy to wake up bright
Then put on pants that are so tight
And remember your dreams at night
But later you will embrace light!

The morning tells us that the sun
Is the sign that embarks fun
And then we’ll all go on a run
And take a right on the seventh turn

There we’ll see a garden green
Where the rising sun can be seen
And every adult, child and teen
Will watch the darkness, mean
Fade away across the scene!