Hong Kong Trip – Day 3 – Big Buddha

3rd April 2015

The destination was Big Buddha. And the travel method was Ngong Ping cable cars. You won’t believe the humongous line to get there! Luckily we had a ticket already booked for us so we could speed up in a pretty short line.

What a spectacular view it was!

We had a crystal cabin, so it was way better.

And the best part was, the wind rushed in through a tiny opening! My hair swished across my face. That was cool!

And it was a pretty long journey, and we enjoyed every bit. And as we reached our destination, we had lunch.

Then the climb began. There were stairways to reach the Buddha, so climbing into action… and when we did reach, we read some info and took a few pictures.

What an extraordinary place! No really, for an Indian who never visited Hong Kong before, it is extraordinary.

Wisdom path

And, you guessed it. Dinner, home and snoozing on the fluffy beds.

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