The Guardian

You are looking and have looked
There is nothing beyond you
You are of no colour, and
No one’s ever found you.

You’ve lived more than anyone
More than anything you’ve existed
But you never grew tired.
You never even twisted!

You saw every move of mankind
There’s no question you can’t answer
Saw every tsunami, every tide
Every sea and every harbour.

Each war ever fought
Each flood, every drought
You kept on watching
Dread in your heart if you have one

And will you tell me
If I ask
Is what you do
An easy task?

Do you start?
Do you end?
Do you have
Another friend?

Just existing, as
Days go by
Our never-ending
Guardian, Sky.

The Tail Of Curiosity

I’ll tell you a tale
I’ll be so kind
It’ll have much detail
If you don’t mind.
The tale is short
And I’ll take a start
Long, long ago
Our set you’ll find.

It was one of
Those quiet nights
Wasn’t much of
A scenic sight
It was not a place
To find many faces
Neither a place for
People to fight.

But if the eye
Had enough mind
To look above,
It would find
An explosion of brightness
A sea of stars
More than the number
Of the world’s cars.

On this silent, starry night
Most unusually, emerged a kite.
The kite was curious to watch
In the hours of dark
But it was even more amusing
To see walking behind, a lark.

The lad was seen to be
Wide-eyed and open-mouthed
Following the tail of the kite
Heading towards the south.

The lad seemed deeply intrigued
By the kite’s route to nowhere
His eyes were absorbed in the
Hovering figure in the air

The lad’s senses seemed
By curiosity, devoured
And because we weren’t there
To ask why, we can’t afford.

The kite moved on sluggishly
The lark following behind
The place where it was going
He seemed determined to find.

The lad was clutched by curiosity
He had gone insane to know
He was ready to unearth
No matter how extensively slow.

And how slow was the kite
Must I say?
As the lad went away from view,
Night turned into day!

No one knows where the lad went
But there is a possibility
That he is still following
The tail of curiosity.