Introducing Tidal Wave

Remember my post about my trip to Bintan, Indonesia? Calling all sea-lovers and monthly-story-lovers! I am proud to introduce TIDAL WAVE, a monthly story that will start from September 1st 2016. Each month, a chapter of the story will be published. And guess what! There’s a new page too which will give you links to […]


You’ll never have wondered
who really is ME
But maybe with this poem
Reality you’ll see.

I’m my whole potential
I’m my best expectation
I’m my entire universe
I’m my personal railway station

I’m the most I can be and more
I’m the highest point of my own sky
I’m my own virtue store
I’m a wingless bird that can fly

I’m a robot which thinks on its own
I’m a story which can speak
I’m more than what I need
I’m a human who isn’t weak

I’m the pinnacle of my self
I’m the best that I can be
The best way to say it is…
Well, I am ME!

The Seasons

Just look at my face!
As calm as the ocean.
But beneath that mask
Rages a storm of emotions.

See, the way our mind is put
Is more creative than dreams
Whether it feels like it or not
It is more complex than it seems.

For a moment the sun is shining
In a most cheery way
And the next, it is snowing
Welcoming Santa’s sleigh.

And then begins a downpour
Drenching all of memory
It advances into a heavy rain
That can further lead to treachery.

And the thing about these seasons
Is that they don’t pass one by one
There isn’t a fixed time
For when one starts and one is done.

The thing is, you paint your own picture.
Your story is written by YOU.
It is YOU who decides if
There is to be fog or dew.

It is YOU who decides if
It must hail or it must rain
So it is all up to you
Whether you lose or you gain.

In no particular order
Are the mental seasons lain
So now the sun can shine, and stop,
And shine all over again.

The Perfect Present

For a special birthday
We need a special thing
No matter from where
That we have to bring.

But if it’s a special birthday
Of a special person
We need something more special
That’s something for certain.

But if you’re wishing a happy birthday
To a high-tech dad
Finding the perfect present
Is something that’ll make you mad.

First I journeyed across the Sahara
I saw every bit of land
I didn’t find a present, though.
All I found was… sand.

I walked the Hawaiian beaches
The weather there was moist
But seawater as a present
Would sort of be a foist.

Then I decided to tour
The African Savannahs
But I found only zebras and giraffes
And baboons eating bananas.

In the flamboyant towns of China
I found plastic toys, artificial
But, I didn’t take them
I wanted something more special.

I ambled every city
I saw lots of birthday stuff
I didn’t take any of the things
They were just not special enough!

Then I revived from my journeys
Then I knew just what to do
It is my love, dad
That is the best I can give you.



Robber Protection

In the dead of the night
When there wasn’t any car or van
Out of the dark shadows
Came a black-hooded man

He made not a single sound
He stuck to the sides
He’d not be found
If anyone tried.

He slunk across the wall
Like a filthy, selfish snob
But he wasn’t there only to snoop
He was there to rob.

He wanted to loot people
Who lived in that great mansion
Of all their luxuries
And all things they fashion.

He wanted to see suffering
He wanted to see everyone weep
He could carry out his plan
Only when everyone was asleep.

He’d never experienced
Giving pain to people
Or on other valuables
His hand to steeple.

How thrilling it’d be!
How fun it’d feel!
To finally see
How it is to steal.

He made it to the back garden
Where lied the back door
It was never really locked
But wait, there’s more…

To make sure no one was following
The man looked behind.
“Hello, thief. Is there
Anything wrong with your mind?”

A sound came from nowhere
On its end stood his hair
He knew it came from somewhere
But the question was… WHERE?

“My voice is coming from this tree
For two main reasons, see-
One- I am the tree
Two- The tree is me.
So unless soon you’ll flee
I’ll warn my master and then, hee hee hee.”

The man’s eyes grew wide
They almost popped out of his face
He ran and he ran
Like in a running race.

Nice way, don’t you think,
To end theft suspicion?
To install such a device
That’ll give you robber protection.


As I sat waiting, desperate, anxious
I couldn’t help but remain conscious
Ahead I stared, I wasn’t prepared
I’d flop and go all bonkers.

‘Twas a sunny day outside
But in my mind I cried
“Oh, wretched head, I’d gone to bed
But then the night had died!”

I hadn’t seen at all
What was in that little book
What read it all, and stand up tall
I hadn’t even looked!

My turn, it came like doom
Slithering like anacondas do
I walked ahead, dread in my head
And slightly yelling too.

Said Teacher “Hello, welcome
To your centre stage.
Tell me, my dear girl
Oh what may be your age?”

“Thirteen” I said
Worried to the end
My hands and feet were cold
I thought my spine’d bend.

“So tell me, Ms. Thirteen
Why are leaves green?
What’s the colour of silence, the source of brightness
And what is always unseen?”

I stared at most of nothingness
I shrugged. Did I dare?
“The answers are chlorophyll
And black and light and air.”

“BRAVO!” said Teacher
I hadn’t prepared, but still I dared
And that’s all I have to say.

I don’t mind

I don’t mind where I learn
As long as I do,
I don’t mind where I travel
As long as I have a shoe.
I don’t mind what I write with
As long as I can write,
I don’t mind how the world is
As long as it doesn’t fight.
I don’t mind what I read
As long as it is sensible,
I don’t mind what is written
As long as it is readable.
I don’t mind what I hear
As long as it is the truth,
I don’t mind behavior
As long as it has ruth.
I don’t mind what I eat
As long as I’m satisfied,
I don’t mind if I fail
As long as I tried.
I don’t mind what I take
As long as I give,
This, I believe
Is the right way to live.