As I sat waiting, desperate, anxious
I couldn’t help but remain conscious
Ahead I stared, I wasn’t prepared
I’d flop and go all bonkers.

‘Twas a sunny day outside
But in my mind I cried
“Oh, wretched head, I’d gone to bed
But then the night had died!”

I hadn’t seen at all
What was in that little book
What read it all, and stand up tall
I hadn’t even looked!

My turn, it came like doom
Slithering like anacondas do
I walked ahead, dread in my head
And slightly yelling too.

Said Teacher “Hello, welcome
To your centre stage.
Tell me, my dear girl
Oh what may be your age?”

“Thirteen” I said
Worried to the end
My hands and feet were cold
I thought my spine’d bend.

“So tell me, Ms. Thirteen
Why are leaves green?
What’s the colour of silence, the source of brightness
And what is always unseen?”

I stared at most of nothingness
I shrugged. Did I dare?
“The answers are chlorophyll
And black and light and air.”

“BRAVO!” said Teacher
I hadn’t prepared, but still I dared
And that’s all I have to say.

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