The Perfect Present

For a special birthday
We need a special thing
No matter from where
That we have to bring.

But if it’s a special birthday
Of a special person
We need something more special
That’s something for certain.

But if you’re wishing a happy birthday
To a high-tech dad
Finding the perfect present
Is something that’ll make you mad.

First I journeyed across the Sahara
I saw every bit of land
I didn’t find a present, though.
All I found was… sand.

I walked the Hawaiian beaches
The weather there was moist
But seawater as a present
Would sort of be a foist.

Then I decided to tour
The African Savannahs
But I found only zebras and giraffes
And baboons eating bananas.

In the flamboyant towns of China
I found plastic toys, artificial
But, I didn’t take them
I wanted something more special.

I ambled every city
I saw lots of birthday stuff
I didn’t take any of the things
They were just not special enough!

Then I revived from my journeys
Then I knew just what to do
It is my love, dad
That is the best I can give you.



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