Introducing Tidal Wave

Remember my post about my trip to Bintan, Indonesia? Calling all sea-lovers and monthly-story-lovers! I am proud to introduce TIDAL WAVE, a monthly story that will start from September 1st 2016. Each month, a chapter of the story will be published. And guess what! There’s a new page too which will give you links to every published chapter. You can access it in the menu.  I expect that not to happen, as my blog has a search option, as you may have noticed. But in case you want to read each in order or something similar, the page will take you straight to any chapter you choose.

Let me know what you think! You can post your ideas and suggestions in the comment section every month and kindly note that copying of the story for any reason is forbidden. Keep a lookout on the blog every month for a new chapter. Cheerio!

Didn’t read about my trip to Bintan? Click here:
In Bintan, Indonesia

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