Time to Harvest Sprouting Ideas!

I think this is going to be a long post. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, um… good night  (pick one for whatever time it is right now) to everyone reading! It’s nice and calm here in Bangalore (except for the very disturbing and undoubtedly noisy truck thing outside that has been screeching since morning 🙄… Continue reading Time to Harvest Sprouting Ideas!

Whose Feather?

What kind of feather are you? So bright, so green? Which flying creature Has dropped you in its flight? You lay untouched, Undisturbed on the ground Tell me, what kind of feather Are you, if you might? Are you a falcon feather? Falcons are good flyers. One may have dropped you! Or maybe you just… Continue reading Whose Feather?

Water Spillage Over The Village

I possess an entire village Which you can see but it can’t be seen It can’t be touched but you can touch it. Eh… do you know what I mean? The village has roads Which people can walk on, but you can’t. The village has a dumpster Which you can tour (But you rather shan’t).… Continue reading Water Spillage Over The Village

Check out this blog!

My friend Poorvi is a new WordPress blogger. Spare some time to take a look at her blog as an encouragement 🙂
She’s an amazing author and a poet just as good. Whata are you waiting for? Get clicking! 😉
And yes, FOLLOW! Nothing is a bigger encouragement than that! Here’s the link, get clicking:
Poorvi’s Fun Journal

From Scraps to Snowflakes

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone! I was in a dilemma on how to decorate the house yesterday. But I realise that you don’t get ideas when you want to. But I got one anyway. Co-incidentally. While fiddling with scraps of paper I found out how to make these decorations good for any occasion. P.S: A great… Continue reading From Scraps to Snowflakes

From Printer Paper to Vintage Paper

Have you ever wanted old, crusty bits of paper for carrying out crazy ideas? I have. And all my ideas are crazy. I and my friends once mixed coffee powder with water and dipped paper into it. And the end product was… horrible. So, hoping you won’t get stuck in such a calamity, I’m going… Continue reading From Printer Paper to Vintage Paper