Whose Feather?

What kind of feather are you?
So bright, so green?
Which flying creature
Has dropped you in its flight?
You lay untouched,
Undisturbed on the ground
Tell me, what kind of feather
Are you, if you might?

Are you a falcon feather?
Falcons are good flyers.
One may have dropped you!
Or maybe you just aren’t one of those types.
See, falcon feathers are
Not green, but black and white.
They are pretty, but they aren’t you.
They have, in fact, stripes!

Maybe you’re a feather
Of a noisy Fwooper!
Brightly coloured feathers
Like you, they have got.
But I haven’t seen a Fwooper
(And I haven’t seen but one)
With such bright green feathers
So… maybe not.

Maybe a feather you are
From the Wibbly-Wobbly-Woo!
They live in the midst of
Cabbages that rot.
But the thing about feathers
Of the Wibbly-Wobbly-Woo
Is that they smell of stinky socks
Which you certainly do not)!

Or the Stingy Boblibonka
Maybe you are from.
Oh, but that is not possible!
Their feathers are blue!
And Stingy Boblibonka feathers
Can never fall off them
For those birds are so stingy
They keep their feathers on with glue!

And of the possibilities
There is one that
You are amongst the feathers
Of the rare Feather-Cow!
But only one of the
Rare Feather-Cows
Is in existence
In the world right now.

Maybe you’re a feather
From a Z-Z-Zee
Or perhaps you’re just a leaf
Shed by this tree.

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