Time to Harvest Sprouting Ideas!

I think this is going to be a long post.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, um… good night  (pick one for whatever time it is right now) to everyone reading! It’s nice and calm here in Bangalore (except for the very disturbing and undoubtedly noisy truck thing outside that has been screeching since morning 🙄 ). I think I’m in desperate need from a break from studying all that history (There aren’t any ideas to harvest from the history textbook).
I saw some marbled art on this blog. You may have heard of it, it was featured on discover. And I tried it out and got an… unexpectedly fantastic result.
And of course I won’t tell you how to do it (hee hee hee 😈 ) because it isn’t an original. But what I will do is… well, share an original!
Don’t quite get it? I mean, an idea sprouted. Today. A complete original. And it isn’t of much importance how I got it, but… let’s move on to what is is, shall we? Presenting…

How to make marbled stickers!

Plus you’ll probably have everything required. And they are insanely simple to make. Let’s begin.

What you’ll need

White glue
Food colouring/ acrylic paint
Clear plastic/ translucent book wrap
A toothpick
A paint palette
And… um, your hands, your mind, and your eyes.


    This step is easy (ahem, all the steps are easy). Pour some white glue in each… what do you say, compartment? Okay, compartment of your palette. One blob in each is more than enough. (P.S: If you’re trying to make one sticker, a blob each in no more and no less than two compartments is sufficient) Mix some food colouring/ acrylic paint in each until you get your desired shade. It will be nice to use contrasting colours, maybe yellow and blue.glueandpaint I love the combo of yellow and black… it comes out great. Anyway, you’ll end up with colourful glue on your palette. You’re done with your sticker paint! Congratulations!
    Bring out a square of clear plastic (or translucent book wrap) and pour a blob of base colour onto it. Now you don’t want it standing up (if you know what I mean) or it’ll take a long time to dry and you won’t get the marbled masterpiece you expected either. So spread your colour (don’t worry if it is out of shape, you can cut it later). You can form shapes too. Circles are a good option. Put some of the second colour on top of the base and start marbling! Grab your toothpick and start swirling your colour around.
    Be careful not to swirl so much that (if you are using) the yellow and blue combination starts to look like green. Know what I mean?
    If you start, you must always know that this will happen.
    Grrrr 😡 😡 😡 …
    Waiting for the stickers to dry.
    All I can say is that… it is for the “greater good” (Harry Potter has ruined my impaitence).
    When you are 101% sure that your stickers are dry, carefully peel them off the plastic (or book wrap). You may want to clean them a little, I can’t believe how long it takes for them to dry. They’ll probably be left overnight. And one more important thing, some white glues (like the Faber Castell ones) dry clear and hard which you do not want. So it is better to use Fevicol, Elmer’s, or a glue when dried is flexible. So, as I said, after you peel off your sticker you can cut off any wobbly sides or such. After your sticker is just the way you want it, you may ask the question “How must I stick must sticker onto something?”.  Interesting question. One thing you should know is that these marbled stickers are recyclable, meaning you can stick them, get them off, and stick them again somewhere else. So to stick it on a surface (preferably glass or plastic), apply a little water on the back and press it against the surface. No extra pressure necessary.
    If you want a sticker to stay on for a long time, you’ll have to apply water on… maybe a monthly basis, or your stickers will fall off. TA DAA! Homemade marbled stickers!


On a bottle or a cupboard
On a mobile or on some mice ( 🙂 )
Try a drawer or a freezer
These stickers will look nice!

Yeah, what I’ve made is nothing record-breaking, or awarded, or famous. But I like it. And I guess that’s what matters most. I’ll stop at 800 words. Goodbye!

Original photos filtered using Prisma.

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