Vernacular Muddle

Hello there! Today I’m going to… well, maybe I won’t reveal it right now. Read till the end, my friend, and then try to guess what this was all about 🙂 In our area, an area that looked as calm as calmness, as serene as the sea, resided Bakaraj, one of the most promising policeman in the… Continue reading Vernacular Muddle

Mind sparing a moment? Okay, a little more than a moment.

Another one of my friends started her own WordPress blog. Hee hee, I’ll be having a bunch of WordPress friends soon 🙂
Click the link below and take a glance. I think you’ll like it as much as I did! Oh yes, and don’t forget the follows, that’s what she wants right now!
Kasak’s Notebook

P.S- Mukta’s Diary has a new background colour!! 😀 😀

Some News I Have To Share

Hello, all readers! It’s been quite a while since my last post, actually. Anyway, I have some exciting news!! Poorvi and I have started a collaborative blog. I’m putting a link here. It’s just a startup 😛 but hopefully it’ll be developed sooner or later. Here it is: THE VIVID I used some custom fonts. Let… Continue reading Some News I Have To Share

Inspiration and Paintings

I happened to stumble across a blog called The Art Lab. And I got some tremendous inspiration to do some paintings which I am going to showcase here today. They are not many, I hope you don’t mind to spare a few minutes. Or maybe less 😛
Here they are!

I especially like the cactus painting. Calming too look at. Pricklily calming 😉
The one with the purple shades is like half painting and half zentangle.
For those who don’t know what zentangle is: ABOUT ZENTANGLE

And yes, as I always remind you readers, you can click on the images to enlarge 😉

Hey, maybe I could post some more of my zentangles. It is quite a cherished hobby of mine. I’ve lost track of all my hobbies. Hopefully I can put them up in a list sometime soon.

Let me know what you think about my paintings!



A Success! No, a huge success!

Remember the story-poem The Sorry Story of an Apple Core (ahem, I published it today. But I just had to do another post) ? Based on it, I made a story for ages 4-7. And it was a huge success! Of course, there are a few modifications. There are a few activities and facts and stuff like that.… Continue reading A Success! No, a huge success!

The Sorry Story of an Apple Core

After I was plucked And after I was packed After I was bought On me they snacked. But why me? Why me did they buy? I’m in such a sorry plight That I really want to cry. When I’m singing my woes I’m not where I must be I like the place, but it’s a… Continue reading The Sorry Story of an Apple Core