Tidal Wave 2: Bintan Island

Here’s a little recap from part 1:

He had just found out that he had been wearing a lifesaver on the day he began to hate the sea.

Ready to read?

Mr. White behaved strangely after breakfast. If anyone spoke to him he would grin, he would stay engrossed in his thoughts, which was not very usual for him. He also asked Won who had given him a lifesaver. Won was ready with the tale. “Oh, you and mum were lounging and hadn’t noticed anything. Well, you both fell asleep, when the ship began to sink, so Benny and I grabbed you and Sheri shoved a lifesaver into your waist and pushed you into the sea. You were wide awake then and swallowed some seawater and yelled. Mum shrieked when Sheri pushed and you both thought you were drowning and started yelling and gasping and then you both passed out. Benny, Sheri and I pulled you into the spare boat in which passengers were ushering us to come quick and, well, we got you to the shore.” It took a few minutes for the message to sink into Mr. White. They HADN’T almost drowned and their own kids had RESCUED them. So after it did sink in quite deep, he began to act all soft and nice. He had to make up to them. He was a decent man, he couldn’t just let himself NOT talk to his kids because they had SAVED HIS LIFE. So he made up his mind. It was the only way he could repay them. It was the only once he would agree. So he went off to the kitchen to talk to Mrs. White, who was washing dishes. He came out, looking slightly relaxed and also a bit anxious, nodded at Mrs. White from the doorway and walked to the living room, where the siblings were playing Monopoly.

“So.” he said, eyeing the siblings, who immediately turned to listen. “It’s time to plan our vacation.” The kids’ eyelids drooped. They thought of nothing but the sea. But they had to make wild choices. Their father would never let them visit as much as a swimming pool. “The Sahara.” “Grandma’s house.” “The grocery store.” That’s what they came up with. The father grinned cheekily. “Bintan island?” he suggested.

“BINTAN ISLAND?” “ARE YOU KIDDING US, DAD?” “An ISLAND? Where is it?” The siblings went cuckoo, knocking over their Monopoly set. A moment later, Benny shushed them and enquired “Seriously, guys, where is it?” “Indonesia.” said Mr. White, half-beaming  (since you-know-which-day, he’d not even quarter-beamed). “That place is… how must I describe it?” wondered Sheri. “It’s FABULOUS!” squealed Won. “Do you say yes?” asked Mr. White. “Seriously, dad, WHY would we say NO?” said Sheri. “NO to the SEA? What were you thinking?” Benny added. Won was doubtful. “Wait, wait a bit. Dad, you hate the sea. Why’d you-” Mr. White fake-sneezed, fake-coughed, fake- snorted, fake-hiccuped and accidentally, and truly, burped. “Oh, do excuse me…” he mumbled and ran off. After a confused moment, Benny said “You told him, didn’t you, Sheri?”
“Told him what?”
“That we… rescued him?”
“No, I didn’t.”
“I did. Because he asked me, not on my own accord…” Won admitted.
“Great. Great job.” said Benny.
“I’m sorry…”
“SORRY? We’re going to an ISLAND! To the SEA!”
And after an awkward pause, they began celebrating. “BINTAN ISLAND!” “FINALLY, THE SEA!” “WOOHOO!”

Did you like that?
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