Tidal Wave 3: A Trip… Or A Trap?

Another chapter of Tidal Wave is fresh off the press! Here’s a recap from part 2.

“We’re going to an ISLAND! To the SEA!”

Ta-daa! Here is part 3.

It was official. With all the passports and visas and baggage and airplane tickets, they were all set and in the airport. “Okay, so we’ll be flying to Singapore and taking a ferry to Bintan.” said Mr. White. Mrs. White bit her lip. Soon enough, they were in the plane. “All set?” whispered Mrs. White feebly. “Yep!” Won said. The plane took off at about 11:30 pm. Benny dozed off and Sheri stuck her nose to the window. “Won, look! Ferries… it’s the sea!” she whispered. Her parents were asleep, and only Won was awake. “Sheri, I think there’s a problem.” Won whispered back.
“Problem? We’re going to the sea!”
“Yes, but… you know aunt Quinn, uncle Louis and our cousin Navy… the Coxes?”
“Yeah, but I don’t want to talk about them now. They’re, like, the most obnoxious people I know. Wait a bit... Bintan island? Are you saying…”
“You get it, don’t you?”
Won and Sheri looked pale. “No way.” breathed Sheri. She looked at Benny, who was in her calm realm of dreams. “Is this a trap?” said Won. “No, Won. It’s a vacation. Let’s try and enjoy it, okay?” said Sheri, who yawned and shut her eyes. “Are you really that easygoing, Sheri?” said an annoyed Won. Sheri gave out a snore in reply. “I’m going to get the truth out in the morning.” Won said to himself before he decided not to be the only one awake.

“WON!” said an exasperated Benny as she shook him awake. “It is a trap! We’re doomed!” Won blabbed. Benny looked at Sheri and questioned “What is he talking about?”. Sheri sighed. “You’ll find out soon enough.” she said. Won was busy already. “Dad! Is this a trap? Is it a trap?” “If you were a rat, Won, it would be. I dislike rats immensely.” replied Mr. White. He was getting the baggage out. “The plane has landed?” Won said, surprised. Sheri nodded. “Whoa, I have been sleeping for long.” said Won.

“How could we forget?” Benny gasped.
“I’m guessing that we were just the forgetful White kiddiewinks that we are.” said Sheri.
“Yeah. I can’t say it’s our fault.” added Won.
“Well, I can! It is ALL OUR FAULT!” Benny fumed.
“Calm down, Benny.” said Sheri.
Benny was red with rage, but she cooled down in a matter of seconds. “Well, it is only for four days.”
Won nodded. “Hopefully a stay at the Coxes’ house, home to the most obnoxious people Sheri knows, won’t be as bad as we expect.”

Hope you liked this part. 🙂

NOTE: A statement from part 2 may cause confusion in this episode.

“An ISLAND? Where is it?”


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