A Little Doodah I’m Up To

Aloha. Long time no see. You must’ve had a jolly Christmas, so I think I needn’t ask. I was off for a holiday you-don’t-need-to-know-where ( 😈 ). But next week’s going to be as busy as an ice cream shop in midsummer. The upcoming week, the first week of the fresh year, is officially declared… Continue reading A Little Doodah I’m Up To

Graphic Design Madness

Another year come and gone. This is something I designed on Canva. The end of the year is drawing closer, so this is like a flashback onto all the seasons gone by. Take a look! If you haven’t heard of Canva before, you should check it out. It is a graphic designing software which is easy… Continue reading Graphic Design Madness

How I Like It

Remember seeing Mukta’s Diary as the title for my blog? You can see something else now. There are different colours, fonts, and a minimal design. That’s how I like it. The point is, Mukta’s Diary is now Born Free. I found the need for it to be. It’s still the same, yet it’s different. That’s how I… Continue reading How I Like It

The Mukta’s Diary Awards

Presenting… The Mukta’s Diary Awards! I’m inspired by nobody to start this. Yep, it’s completely original, and aims at… um… okay, I don’t know. And, are you wondering who this award goes to? Well, the question is, what does this award go to? It goes to posts, pages and even months of my blog. So basically, I’m awarding myself. Now that… Continue reading The Mukta’s Diary Awards