I wandered distant lands In my distant dreams Alongside sky-high ridges And crystal clear streams. I rambled dark forests Fields bearing golden wheat And thorny lands where prickles Set themselves in my feet. I wandered woods and deserts Felt blizzards and licked frost I wandered all the world before I realized I was lost.

Building Friendships

I can build a friendship with you Using trust as my cement And the stronger your trust will be The stronger the arrangement. Slowly, I’ll build it upwards And leave the support of the earth I’ll keep it going higher If you succeed to show your worth. But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you Not… Continue reading Building Friendships

The Vendor

They cast their hopeful eyes on me The potatoes in the mound The mangoes looked cautiously From their pile on the ground. The tomatoes’ sight followed When I looked through their lot. I shook my head at the vendor “Is this what you’ve got? “Tomatoes green and raw! Mangoes undoubtedly sour! Who will think of buying… Continue reading The Vendor

Mason Jars

I’ve always had this rambling thought That minds are like mason jars That store our sorrows and our joys And hide our bleeding scars. They keep our secrets deep within They guard every single thought And keep lingering fingers off the jars Which others have always sought. But when the pickles decompose Just like secrets,… Continue reading Mason Jars

My Mind

My mind is like a supermarket You can pick anything that is nice But before you can go off with it, You have to pay the price. If you plan to take something away And not pay before you do, Be warned, my mind’s policemen Will be right after you.