Let’s Face it. NaPoWriMo is Here.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to EXPLODE with excitement or drown with nervousness, but it’s a fact. NaPoWriMo is here. I know you very conveniently found out, owing to the title, but I put that in for the sake of extra drama. In a frank jumble of words, NaPo is awesomely scary. For me, anyway.… Continue reading Let’s Face it. NaPoWriMo is Here.

Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

A while ago, Mirra and I started a collab blog, The Writing Writers. And in a month, we have ten amazing authors, thirty followers and a good response to our work. And now, we have started what we call The Writing Writers Magazine, featuring both our authors’ AND readers’ work. That’s right, you can enter too, and you… Continue reading Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

Mentally Wandering at Midnight

Have you ever experienced staying up late at night, cramming your head with ideas that you’re too lazy to write down? You think they’ll all flood back to you in the morning. But they don’t. And the next time it happens, you switch the light on but realize that it’s blinding you and switch it back… Continue reading Mentally Wandering at Midnight

Beginning Hand Lettering

I always used to be in a muddle when it came to hand lettering. I had calligraphy pens, but I couldn’t find the ink. I had brush pens, but they were lost. I didn’t know what kind of paper to use and, the biggest problem of all, I didn’t know how to letter in the first place.… Continue reading Beginning Hand Lettering

Why I Began Writing Letters to Myself

I was a different person a year ago. I don’t remember how different. I just remember that I was. You see, I used to write in a diary. A really fat one. It wasn’t a secret diary. That meant that my friends and family could pick it up, guiltlessly skim through it and keep it back.… Continue reading Why I Began Writing Letters to Myself

A Little Fun

It’s okay to spend a little time Capering in the heat It’s okay to have a little sand Stuck between your feet. It’s okay to have a little paint Streaked across your face It’s okay if at times your walk Doesn’t proclaim utmost grace. It’s okay to spend an evening Lolling in the dirt A little… Continue reading A Little Fun