Let’s Face it. NaPoWriMo is Here.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to EXPLODE with excitement or drown with nervousness, but it’s a fact.

NaPoWriMo is here.

I know you very conveniently found out, owing to the title, but I put that in for the sake of extra drama.


In a frank jumble of words, NaPo is awesomely scary. For me, anyway. That’s because I am not, and will never be, able to force poetry out of myself. It just comes naturally, and though it doesn’t always turn out the way I expect it to, I can’t sit down and bully myself to write.

Most writers will have had that true and unavoidable experience.

I’m going to participate. Though no one is compelling me to and I’m scared out of my wits, I’m going to. The NaPo guys have poetry prompts every day, so it hopefully won’t be as terrifying and I expect, and as a NaPo newbie, I’d love to know what some more elderly (muhahaha the sarcasm) NaPo-ers find the April stress. Do you guys manage to get through it? HOW??

So here’s the page in which I’m going to be posting all my poems. I have a feeling that this month is not going to be quite as ordinary. Do you think so too?

And Mukta would like to give you assurance that she will try very hard to write a poem every day and Mukta will also be a loyal and faithful bloggy friend.

Mukta is a good elf, you see.

Are you going to participate in NaPoWriMo?
Do you find it difficult?
Can you elderly guys give me some survival tips??

Mukta, the free elf

Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

A while ago, Mirra and I started a collab blog, The Writing Writers. And in a month, we have ten amazing authors, thirty followers and a good response to our work.

Screenshot (2).png
All in just a month.

And now, we have started what we call The Writing Writers Magazine, featuring both our authors’ AND readers’ work. That’s right, you can enter too, and you will receive full attribution. It is assuredly safe and the process of entering is simple.

Would YOU like to be a part of the magazine? For more details, check out our Magazine page. Otherwise, if you want to participate anonymously, you can vote in the magazine design poll that will soon be conducted to vote for your favorite design.

Please support the initiative by spreading the word and help us make this a success. If you want to participate, express your willingness and link the work you would like to enter in the comments.

Will you enter?

Mukta@ Born Free

What Then?

You say that you want to earn
Just to be able to spend
So the things that you possess
Will never have an end.

So you’ll buy the largest mansion
And you’ll buy a car or two
So you’ll get riddance of all things
That don’t remain as new.

So you’ll gather all the riches
You’ll be the wealthiest of all men
But tell me, tell me firmly:
What will you do then?

Memories {A Story}

Once, there was a little house in our little town.

It was crooked and rusty, had quite a few dents on the roof and was ancient, and most supposedly, boring. The old lady who lived there was quite peculiar. Her smile was enthralling and no one could say why. When she spoke, no one could stop listening. But still, she was old. And in our town, old didn’t matter.Read More »

My Current Font Faves

If there’s one thing better than chocolate and blank notebooks, it’s fonts.

Today, because I can’t seem to think of a better thing to write about, I’m going bombard this post with the best fonts that I have ever known, give you an idea of font pairing AND share some free font resources that most font lovers will already know but I’m going to share them anyway.

Gee, I’m so nice.Read More »

Mentally Wandering at Midnight

Have you ever experienced staying up late at night, cramming your head with ideas that you’re too lazy to write down?

You think they’ll all flood back to you in the morning. But they don’t.

And the next time it happens, you switch the light on but realize that it’s blinding you and switch it back off and stand by the window which lets in a very, very tiny streak of light in and, thinking that will do, furiously begin to scribble all those distant thoughts onto paper.

Well, that’s what happened to me last night. Thrice.

And this is what I cooked up:

The Artist

How do you like my mental wandering?

~Mukta@ Born Free

Beginning Hand Lettering

I always used to be in a muddle when it came to hand lettering.

I had calligraphy pens, but I couldn’t find the ink. I had brush pens, but they were lost. I didn’t know what kind of paper to use and, the biggest problem of all, I didn’t know how to letter in the first place.

So I made a few desperate attempts by browsing all over youtube, looking for sharpie lettering tutorials and trying to use 3 mm pens to somehow miraculously succeed. But everything was a major FAIL.

Then, I remembered some genius (I’m sorry I don’t remember WHICH genius) who had sketched out some lettering using a pencil. I didn’t really realize it then, but the letters had thick lines when the strokes went down and relatively thinner lines when the strokes went up. So I hastily grabbed a piece of paper and tried it out. And that’s what I’ve been following till now.Read More »

Why I Began Writing Letters to Myself

I was a different person a year ago.

I don’t remember how different. I just remember that I was.

You see, I used to write in a diary. A really fat one.
It wasn’t a secret diary. That meant that my friends and family could pick it up, guiltlessly skim through it and keep it back. And that made me somewhat conscious of what I wrote. I couldn’t write absolutely everything, so I wrote only what I thought they would want to read.

I admit, I wrote some reckless things when I was annoyed, and that kind of helped me cool down. But however the page was marked by my fury, the people who read couldn’t feel it.

And so, I decided to start writing letters to myself. In a book.


I was kind of unsure the first day I wrote in it. Maybe I blurted out a bit more than I should have just at the beginning. I’m sorry if that felt kind of weird, future self. But I got familiar with the book earlier than I had expected.

The best part? Those are letters to myself. That means write them and read them. And that means I don’t have to think of what others will want to read. It’s just me, my pen and my book.

As a writer, apart from reading, the only way to hone my skills are by writing. And so I write.


Right now, writing letters to myself has proved very useful. And addictive.


And that’s just the way I want to feel.

Do YOU write letters to yourself? Perhaps not. But this is why I do. And I love it.


A Little Fun

It’s okay to spend a little time
Capering in the heat
It’s okay to have a little sand
Stuck between your feet.
It’s okay to have a little paint
Streaked across your face
It’s okay if at times your walk
Doesn’t proclaim utmost grace.
It’s okay to spend an evening
Lolling in the dirt
A little fun once in a while
Doesn’t really hurt.