Why I Began Writing Letters to Myself

I was a different person a year ago.

I don’t remember how different. I just remember that I was.

You see, I used to write in a diary. A really fat one.
It wasn’t a secret diary. That meant that my friends and family could pick it up, guiltlessly skim through it and keep it back. And that made me somewhat conscious of what I wrote. I couldn’t write absolutely everything, so I wrote only what I thought they would want to read.

I admit, I wrote some reckless things when I was annoyed, and that kind of helped me cool down. But however the page was marked by my fury, the people who read couldn’t feel it.

And so, I decided to start writing letters to myself. In a book.


I was kind of unsure the first day I wrote in it. Maybe I blurted out a bit more than I should have just at the beginning. I’m sorry if that felt kind of weird, future self. But I got familiar with the book earlier than I had expected.

The best part? Those are letters to myself. That means write them and read them. And that means I don’t have to think of what others will want to read. It’s just me, my pen and my book.

As a writer, apart from reading, the only way to hone my skills are by writing. And so I write.


Right now, writing letters to myself has proved very useful. And addictive.


And that’s just the way I want to feel.

Do YOU write letters to yourself? Perhaps not. But this is why I do. And I love it.


10 thoughts on “Why I Began Writing Letters to Myself

  1. You’re not the only one! I really like to sit down, and write letters to myself – it really helps with getting all of my feelings and thoughts (negative or positive), down in a letter to myself. Great post! 🙂 xx

    Aqsa ❤

  2. Hi there,
    Wow, this is an amazing idea, I must really try it. Just wondering, do you write the letters to yourself now, in the future or in the past? Just wondering.
    I’ve just happened to come across your absolutely amazing blog and as I’m always eager to meet new blogging friends I was wondering if you’d check out my blog at:
    ~Emily x

    1. Well… I write from the present point of view TO my future self. So it kinda ends with
      Yours truly,

      Heh heh. Thanks for stopping by, Emily!
      I’m off to check out your blog!

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