Mentally Wandering at Midnight

Have you ever experienced staying up late at night, cramming your head with ideas that you’re too lazy to write down?

You think they’ll all flood back to you in the morning. But they don’t.

And the next time it happens, you switch the light on but realize that it’s blinding you and switch it back off and stand by the window which lets in a very, very tiny streak of light in and, thinking that will do, furiously begin to scribble all those distant thoughts onto paper.

Well, that’s what happened to me last night. Thrice.

And this is what I cooked up:

The Artist

How do you like my mental wandering?

~Mukta@ Born Free

5 thoughts on “Mentally Wandering at Midnight

  1. Oh, this was a beautiful poem! How do you people rhyme so well??? *cries* My favorite line would be “But the only beauty she couldn’t capture / Was the beauty deep within.” Awesome job, Mukta!

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