My Current Font Faves

If there’s one thing better than chocolate and blank notebooks, it’s fonts.

Today, because I can’t seem to think of a better thing to write about, I’m going bombard this post with the best fonts that I have ever known, give you an idea of font pairing AND share some free font resources that most font lovers will already know but I’m going to share them anyway.

Gee, I’m so nice.

My Top 5 Free Fonts


Mellanie is a decent typeface with a playful hint. Though I’m not the biggest fan of its capitals, I still think it’s worth downloading for its gorgeous lowercase.
Mellaine is yours here.


Bromello is a beautiful script typeface and has the most AAAAH swashes if you buy the full version. But if you’re just as fine without it, download Bromello from here.


Light fonts are really pretty. Mossy is the most delectable handwritten sans-serif I know, and if you think so too, grab it off here.


ISN’T THIS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SCRIPT?? This comes in a font family of the one above and another without those little things on the letters that make them look 3D. You can take a look at both here.


Silverwood is an awesome, sort of vintage and insanely tempting all-caps font.
If you want to get your hands on this, download it from here.

Pairing Fonts

Fonts can be fun to play around with, but pairing them is the HARDEST TASK EVER.
Fear not, pygmy peanuts! Me is here to show you how to pair these awesome fonts to get a design you’ll be most pleased to have produced.

When I pair fonts, I match the scripts with sans serifs. That’s easy enough, huh? There must be a lot more to REAL font pairing techniques, but I’m happy with my way.

Codystar+ Mellanie


Bromello+ Raleway


Mossy+ Euphoria Script


Amontillado+ Cooper Hewitt Thin


Gruppo+ Silverwood


The last one didn’t really go by my guideline, but that squatted look of Gruppo stood against Silverwood, so #no regrets.

Font Resources

If you’re a newbie at typography or font collecting, these free font resources should give you some really considerable fonts to crash your system with.

Did you like this wee post, pygmy peanuts? Feel free to be as much of a font devotee or a pesky little critic who goes on and on and on about how terrible fonts are.

Do you think Cooper Hewitt Thin and Mossy look sorta similar (but they’re not, I say)?
Are you a raving font fanatic like I am?
What are YOUR favorite fonts?
Don’t worry, you can write really long comments. I won’t be annoyed.

Mukta@ Born Free

P.S: If you’re planning to be a pesky little critic, your comments are going straight to the trash (and I mean it).
Evil me. *cackles*

17 thoughts on “My Current Font Faves

  1. Oh my gosh, this post is so awesome!!! I love Bromello (and it looks super awesome with Raleway) and Mellanie looks super cool! I loooooooove fonts, so this was the perfect post for me. ❤

      1. Well, if you do that, those’ll be messages to yourself. Though they’re meant for the hacker, he/she still uses YOUR account, so…

  2. Okay, this is actually me now. Who posted the other comments from “me”? (This post is really cool anyways) but whoever the hacker is, stop because I can post comments for myself.
    Anyone who knows who the hacker is, please email me. You can find my email on my blog.

    1. So the other comments that say ‘you’ sent them are actually faux? If you ask me, that’s sort of creepy. There is a way to prevent this from happening further, you know. Just change your WordPress password and it should be fine. As for the comments the hacker sent, you can ask the owner of the blog to delete them, if you feel they are unnecessary or inappropriate. Hope it works!

  3. Yeah, they are faux. Mirra got an email that said “i am the hacker at sparkle star” like, seriously? but your post IS cool. Anyway, even if I change the password, they can still get in because they can hack in. And it really is me. Ask me ANY question.

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