Tidal Wave 4: Solace

Hello, all! I have some news for you. But let’s get done with the story first. Here’s a brush up. “Hopefully a stay at the Coxes’ house, home to the most obnoxious people Sheri knows, won’t be as bad as we expect.” Here we are… Tidal Wave 4! “So you think we’re trying to trap you?”… Continue reading Tidal Wave 4: Solace

Tidal Wave 2: Bintan Island

Here’s a little recap from part 1: He had just found out that he had been wearing a lifesaver on the day he began to hate the sea. Ready to read? Mr. White behaved strangely after breakfast. If anyone spoke to him he would grin, he would stay engrossed in his thoughts, which was not… Continue reading Tidal Wave 2: Bintan Island

Tidal Wave 1: The Whites

Ah, the sea, what a wonderful place to relax with a book or go surfing or build sandcastles or sunbathe or go on cruises… in short words, it was the best place to be. That was exactly what the White siblings, Won, Sheri and Benny thought. But, very unfortunately, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. White,… Continue reading Tidal Wave 1: The Whites

The Beanstalk of Virtue

There was one day when a beanstalk grew… High into the sky it towered up to the sun, And then the days of darkness had begun… The plants stopped growing, the land grew bare. There was nothing but darkness, like the sun wasn’t there. A shadow fell over the grass which was green, the land… Continue reading The Beanstalk of Virtue