Introducing Seashell, a Free Handmade Font+ Download!

Yesterday, I created my first font, that I am now releasing to the public. Seashell has 73 glyphs and is free for personal use. You can use it on your websites and personal projects. I spent a great deal of time on this, drawing each letter and converting the finished alphabet into a font. The Glyphs Now, I am not a… Continue reading Introducing Seashell, a Free Handmade Font+ Download!

April Fool-y Stuff Plus HP Fandom

You know what today is, don’t you? It’s April Fool’s Day, a day in which the world’s fools unite to pull out the sneakiest pranks on their friends and family. Now, I very efficiently have realized that there is no point in trying to fool you guys, so in this post, I’m going to show… Continue reading April Fool-y Stuff Plus HP Fandom

Beginning Hand Lettering

I always used to be in a muddle when it came to hand lettering. I had calligraphy pens, but I couldn’t find the ink. I had brush pens, but they were lost. I didn’t know what kind of paper to use and, the biggest problem of all, I didn’t know how to letter in the first place.… Continue reading Beginning Hand Lettering

A Little Fun

It’s okay to spend a little time Capering in the heat It’s okay to have a little sand Stuck between your feet. It’s okay to have a little paint Streaked across your face It’s okay if at times your walk Doesn’t proclaim utmost grace. It’s okay to spend an evening Lolling in the dirt A little… Continue reading A Little Fun

The Mukta’s Diary Awards

Presenting… The Mukta’s Diary Awards! I’m inspired by nobody to start this. Yep, it’s completely original, and aims at… um… okay, I don’t know. And, are you wondering who this award goes to? Well, the question is, what does this award go to? It goes to posts, pages and even months of my blog. So basically, I’m awarding myself. Now that… Continue reading The Mukta’s Diary Awards

First Blog Design

I just did my first blog design for an external blog. It was so much fun! I wanted to do a clean and classic design, and if you want to see it, click this link. And if you’re planning to click it, I’d love to know what you think. Kasak’s Notebook I just realised that… Continue reading First Blog Design

The Slumber Bath

I wondered in which way to sleep For the time umpteenth It was teeth-chattering outside the covers And like an oven underneath. I settled with under the blanket And buried myself deep And quite some time later I was snoring loud in sleep. And the next bright morning I was dripping! I was wet! I was… Continue reading The Slumber Bath