Humanity= Cars?

DISCLAIMER: By no means of this piece am I trying to insult the human race by comparing it with fuel-fed machines, nor am I aiming to cause any offence to the natural elements mentioned in this musing by subjecting it to comparison with certain negative aspects. I’m cool with nature, okay? No enmity.

So let’s put it this way. I was travelling. It’d been ages since I was carsick and life was pretty good and I was bored. Then a thought came to me and poof. I became somewhat obsessed with it. I looked out of the window, my arm leaning against the cold glass, and as I watched the hyperactive raindrops making little puddles on the tar, I thought about this whole thing about life being a journey.

So if life is a journey, what are we? Cars?

And upon close inspections, I figured that that comparison was rather fitting. Now, it may seem like a worthless observation, but in regular circumstances, cars get wet on the outside and shield its passengers from rain, sunlight and maybe even muck. The car’s outer shell is our body. Powered by intricate and well-put mechanisms, our body is the outer layer of our car and, naturally, the layer directly in contact with rain, sun and muck i.e. hatred, lies and bad stuff like that.

So if our body’s the car’s outer layer, what exactly are we protecting? We’re talking about our inner self, or the driver of our car, which by nature is undiluted and clean. Everything we do is on our driver’s bidding- The path we choose to take, the speed we move in, all that.

No matter how much mess bangs on to our body, our inner self is always safe. Uh‚Ķ Not always. When we acknowledge our driver and the fact that everything we do is for his security, we will logically shut our windows to every piece of muck that flies our way. But, if we keep our windows open even then, one plop and the driver’s all icky.

So if we want our driver to remain pure, the method’s simple. Shut your windows to all the bad stuff. Enough said.

And hey, no matter how big your car is or what its colour is, the car is simply the car. Nothing more. Your inner self, the driver, is who matters. Even the most magnificent car is worthless if it has a rash, drunkard pea-brain of a driver. Just saying, you know.

Oh, and remember, no one’s saying the weather is always going to be bad. There’ll be that occasional pleasant breeze and those picturesque views that come by from time to time, and that’s when you can open the windows and get freshened up a little. Make the most out of all those good memories, because life’s about the journey, not the destination, right? You only have to know what to turn your back at, what to shut away. Simple enough.

So what really do I have to say by feeding you all this about inner selves and drivers and windows and muck? Only this and nothing more- Choose your path well, have a nice trip, and if your path becomes unclear, don’t forget the windshield wipers! ūüôā

BIBPC the Fifth, Category One

Hello. It’s been long.

So maybe I’ve taken a lot of breaks and have grown tired of apologizing for that, so maybe I’ve missed more than I’ve wanted to, but does it really matter now that it’s done?

But I think what’s worth apologizing for is the constant change of design. Weird of me how I could find the time to keep re-designing this place but not to post. This one’s staying, though. Unless I lose my head again.

Today I have my first entry for Megan‘s photography contest, BIBPC. I took part last time too, and it was fun and very well organized. I’m in team Pineapple this time, and that’s nice because it was my first preference. We’ve got some really good photographers too, and I can hardly wait to see how we turn out to perform!

team pineapple bibpc

The first category was fruit. This is the picture I decided to stick with.


The story behind it is pretty straight forward. A few months back my cuz and I and our families went for a trip and we got hungry and bought some blackberries. And then we ate them. Yeah, that’s about it. Except¬†before¬†we ate them I took a picture of them, and looking at it makes me feel as though that warm taste is exploding in my mouth again.

The lighting was pretty dramatic and I think the shot was decent. What do you think? I don’t have much more for today, but hopefully my comeback will be better now?

Hope to see you next time, then!



If Only You Could Look

If you could look beyond my skin
I’d show you through my mind
I’d show you of the memories
I’ve collected through time.

I’d show you bottled feelings
That often I let loose
Ones that please my senses
And ones I hardly use.

I’d show you boundless valleys
And glorious mountain crests
Where when I retreat from the world
I often go to rest.

I’d show you where my words are
Before I have them said
And perhaps the mighty bookshelf
That holds the books I’ve read.

I’d show you an alternate galaxy
That swirls with my dreams
Bubbling brooks of hope
And passion-bearing streams.

The places we could travel
The stories we could cook…
The things I could show you
If only you could look.

Butterflies, ‘Blogging Schedules’ and an Invitation to Help My Bookshelf Explode


Before you start kicking and screaming and telling me I’ve been Bad Blogger# 1, let me explain, okay?

I have, with expert guidance from my mum, come up with my personal¬†blogging schedule.¬†I’ve been that horrible person who didn’t read all those awesome posts that came up this week and went away on a supposedly eternal hiatus but NOPE THAT’S ALL MY SCHEDULE’S FAULT. Guess why? Because I am going to be posting on¬†Sundays only. That means all ¬†blog work will be done on Sundays, including posting, commenting, reading other posts and whatnot. Wow.

I permit you to miss me.


Alright, so you’re not liking this news very much. How did I know that? Well… Lucky guess, I think.

But hey, I’m going to make up for that. Today I’m going to share my first ever graphic freebie, and that’s pretty exciting.

I’ve been playing around in PS like crazy these days, and I made some watercolor¬†butterflies using some commercial use galaxy textures I downloaded for free and… Well, why not? Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll be getting in your download:


DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE WORK THIS TOOK, GUYS. I started off sometime in the evening was working on these guys until dinner and a while after.

If you think you might put them to use, then do download below:


So there we are with all the fancy freebie releases and schedule announcements and things. It’s time to get readerly.


I began reading Percy Jackson, like, this month. And I realised¬†that I should’ve done that AGES ago.

After realizing that Harry Potter isn’t everything, and just because it’s awesome doesn’t mean it’s the only awesome thing in the world, my TBR has been growing rapidly. I am waiting to get started with Crooked Kingdrom, Wildwood, The Hunger Games, Narnia, Divergent, Six of Crows, The Maze Runner, Magnus Chase, The Kite Runner, The Book Theif, The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus and a bunch of other stuff that’ll go on forever. SEE? I’m such a teeny bookworm. I haven’t even read all those yet.

Life’s much more exciting now that I have an entire bookshelf waiting to fall on my head. Anyway, I’d love reccomendations! Tell me some of your favorite books, and I’ll be sure to check them out. ūüėČ

Today’s not really Sunday, but my schedule will come into action from next week. Since there’s not much more to say now, I bid you adieu! Hopefully I’ll be back next time with a longer, more (SPOILER) thought-provoking post.signoff

DIY Geometric Watercolor Initial- Adobe Photoshop


Today I’ve got a little tutorial for all the Photoshop guys out there. I recently discovered something really cool while playing around with PS, and I thought you might enjoy it!

I really love the Rasterize option. It is my everything. I usually use it just for fun, or to tinker with my text and make any other teensy weensy alterations. However, I made something really interesting a while ago, and I owe it all to the existence of Rasterize. Continue reading “DIY Geometric Watercolor Initial- Adobe Photoshop”

Natural Captures Issue 2: Birds and Animals// Sometimes You Need a Little Change


Let’s have a quick intro, then, shall we?In today’s post, you’re going to see fewer pictures than usual, but you’re also going to get an introduction to my new blog design.

In today’s post, you’re going to see fewer pictures than usual, but you’re also going to get an introduction to my new blog design.

Unless you’re reading this post in the Reader, you guys will probably have noticed it. I’m really excited about it, and today I’m going to share some of its features with you along with a few pictures of birds and animals I have collected in the past few months.

P.S: SHORT POST ALERT! *beep beep* Continue reading “Natural Captures Issue 2: Birds and Animals// Sometimes You Need a Little Change”

Making Art for the Environment// I’M BACK??

I haven’t posted in some ten days. Welp.

So… Hello.

I know¬†I’ve been terrible blogger # 1, but what’s a couple posts less in your reader? Right??

Anyway, here I am, freshened up and better than ever! I’m really excited to come out of my little hole and see the blogging world anew and go on a crazy blogging spree this month! Fun, eh? Continue reading “Making Art for the Environment// I’M BACK??”

Of Pencil Sketches and Cartooning

I have officially sparked a sudden interest in cartooning.

That isn’t much of a surprise, because sudden interests are quite common to me. Just a day or two ago, I felt a deep longing to make exercise schedules and do burpees and planks and wall sits… But that’s beyond the point.

Today, I’m going to share two pieces of art, one a cartoon and other a pencil sketch. My interest in pencil sketches has not been short-lived, and I have drawn numerous eyes and such things.

Now to get on to the post, which I must tell you is not too long, and so you can read as leisurely and slowly as you want. Apart from that, I am also going to do a quick¬†‘review’,¬†telling of my experience with the drawing. Buckle up!


The Pondering Pup

This was a quick little drawing for which I used a Youtube tutorial as reference. The pondering pup is not very detailed or realistic, but I like it despite that.

The pup is not very different from the tutorial, but not exactly the same either. I skipped several steps which I felt unnecessary, but I’m well without all that.

I now present a fuzzy, brown dog that I proudly have adopted as a virtual pet.


My Review

COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Two out of five. It was not¬†very hard to draw, but satisfying, and only the¬†hairy bush on the pup’s head took more time than expected.

PATIENCE REQUIRED: Not much!¬†This doesn’t take too much time or effort, so if you’re an impatient¬†cartoonist, this is for you.

WHEN TO DRAW AND WHAT TO USE: I recommend trying this out when you have about fifteen minutes to spare, because it doesn’t require too much work, although it’s no biggie¬†even if you spend more time than that. You will not require too many materials, only a pencil, a fineliner and a brown colour pencil does the trick.


The Eye

I could think of no better title, but I think the eye is quite straightforward. I ask you to expect no less than a large, pencil sketched eye the size of a palm. The tutorial I used for it was very informative and gave excellent tips for drawing eyes along with the step-by-step demonstration.

The eye in question is realistic and unrealistic both, because it does not look like a cartoon and neither can I expect anyone with such eyes to walk up to my face. Either way, it does not stop my showing you the best efforts I could make.

I can say that I am quite proud of this piece. I spent more time than usual on the pupil, and it did not come out too badly. I only wish the lower eyelashes were a bit thinner.
Take a look yourself.



My Review

COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Three out of five. It was not the hardest thing ever, you know.

PATIENCE REQUIRED: A fair bit. The pupil took the most time, and getting the shading to be just right was not very easy.

WHEN TO DRAW AND WHAT TO USE: I suggest you sit down when you know you have plenty of free time, because I estimate that it will take about thirty minutes. You will not need much for this either, and just a black colour pencil is enough if you plan to do it without sketching it out with a normal pencil first.


Here comes the end of this quick post. SPOILER ALERT: I may post a tutorial on the eye in one of my future posts!

Do you have any tips for better cartooning?
What is your say for sudden hobbies?
How did you like ‘the eye?’


A random note: I will not be using featured images for any of my posts until the 28th of May. Weird.

A Little Post About Me and My Eight Day Hiatus// Letter Writing Updates (I’m Getting There)

If you’ve been around for a while, you may have noticed that my last post was on the 15th of May. And today is the 24th.

I didn’t mean to stay away for that long, but ideas seemed to slip out of my mind and¬†I¬†couldn’t resist the temptation to grab the Kindle. Sorry guys, no great expectations from me.

I have been up-to-date on everyone’s posts, I hope, and I also did one on TWW after what seems like a MONTH. So I may not have been the most loyal blogger for the past eight days, but what’s important is… I’M BACK! Hello, hello, how are you? Nice day, eh?

So today, I’m going to share how things are going with my communication with my future self.¬†I’ll figure out a better topic next time, don’t worry about a thing.

Image result for nod gifsource

DividerQuick Recap: Why I Began Writing Letters to Myself

On the 16th of March, I wrote a post (linked here) on why I began this queer little project that I was by far enjoying. I was a newbie to writing letters to myself, judging by the first few of my letters, and it was only natural¬†that I felt… #akward. Like meeting a new friend.

Now, I guess I can say that I’ve opened up to myself. I think I’ve figured that¬†I will care to read what I have written, and I also seem to have digested the fact that I am the only one who will ever read (what I call) the LetterBook.


So how does it work?

Unlike a journal, the LetterBook is not a description of events, but a compilation of thoughts.

It started off to preserve my distant musing, which by me is not a bad idea, so I can look back upon the things I used to think about and the feelings I used to feel. It sounded crazy for me ever to imagine my future self reading my letters, but somewhere I knew she would care enough to.

But something also tells me that I’m going to be asking my younger self this question¬†very¬†often.

Image result for who are you gif


Does it help?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN OF COURSE IT DOES! As my aunt would put it, the LetterBook is an “avenue to vent out my feelings”,¬†and I’m not telling you the story behind that so don’t ask. #rude

Sometimes, I end up thinking that my problems, which seemed to overwhelming at the moment, were not so big after all. Correction: Were absolutely PUNY. That helps me clear some things out, hit my mental refresh button (for reals) and focus more on what really¬†matters. Great, isn’t it?


Organizing Thoughts is Now Much Easier

Maybe I’ll need a nudge one day, a little bit of encouragement, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no need for nonsense.¬†Getting a bit of motivation once in a while is great, but being a little off the rocker has its own benefits.

Sometimes you’re in need of a smile, and sometimes a push. For my future self, both are well stored. That’s the awesome bit. There is a little of everything, because organizing thoughts is now much easier for me.

That doesn’t mean I never talk about grumpy things, though. You get grumpy too, admit it, and you need to lock away that grump of a you somewhere for good. Well, I’ve got that covered. It’s also quite entertaining to read about, and I’m guessing my dear future self will be grateful to me for helping her feeling good about herself.

Yay me.


How far have I come?

I have successfully completed eighteen letters which have occupied forty five pages, the longest¬†being some¬†four pages long. Make that five. Six, if you don’t count that newspaper picture I stuck… that you don’t know about.¬†ūüėą

I definitely can’t say I’ve been getting worse at¬†this, so I’m keeping at it.



A WORD OF ADVICE: Trying to peer too close will only strain your eyesight.


There we are.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and don’t mind the fact that I couldn’t help sneaking in some pictures. Until next time, amigos!

What do you feel when bloggers you like have long post breaks?

I think it’s terrible.

How about post suggestions for next time, eh? I’m going to need them, so do me a favour, why don’t you?


Natural Captures Issue One: Orchids

The wait took long enough.

Finally, I have come by the tedious resizing and file conversion process and have found out that batch resizing exists. Without blabbing much, let me present to you the first issue of Natural Captures, featuring vibrant orchids that I was fortunate enough to be able to see and take pictures of.

[For those of you who¬†haven’t read the introductory post, click here.]

And before you get on, I must also ask you to note that though this post may seem short, it consists of 46 pictures¬†(that’s NOTHING of the total number I took, phrbt) that I have compiled. I don’t happen to know the names of them all, but I will mention if I do, okay? Continue reading “Natural Captures Issue One: Orchids”