The Vendor

They cast their hopeful eyes on me The potatoes in the mound The mangoes looked cautiously From their pile on the ground. The tomatoes’ sight followed When I looked through their lot. I shook my head at the vendor “Is this what you’ve got? “Tomatoes green and raw! Mangoes undoubtedly sour! Who will think of buying… Continue reading The Vendor

The Sorry Story of an Apple Core

After I was plucked And after I was packed After I was bought On me they snacked. But why me? Why me did they buy? I’m in such a sorry plight That I really want to cry. When I’m singing my woes I’m not where I must be I like the place, but it’s a… Continue reading The Sorry Story of an Apple Core

The Beanstalk of Virtue

There was one day when a beanstalk grew… High into the sky it towered up to the sun, And then the days of darkness had begun… The plants stopped growing, the land grew bare. There was nothing but darkness, like the sun wasn’t there. A shadow fell over the grass which was green, the land… Continue reading The Beanstalk of Virtue