The Beanstalk of Virtue

There was one day when a beanstalk grew… High into the sky it towered up to the sun, And then the days of darkness had begun… The plants stopped growing, the land grew bare. There was nothing but darkness, like the sun wasn’t there. A shadow fell over the grass which was green, the land… Continue reading The Beanstalk of Virtue

Hong Kong Trip – Day 3 – Big Buddha

3rd April 2015 The destination was Big Buddha. And the travel method was Ngong Ping cable cars. You won’t believe the humongous line to get there! Luckily we had a ticket already booked for us so we could speed up in a pretty short line. What a spectacular view it was! We had a crystal… Continue reading Hong Kong Trip – Day 3 – Big Buddha

Hong Kong Trip – Day one

1st April 2015 It was exciting to reach Hong Kong. Who knew what would wait for us there? I mean, some people may know, but I did not. After the home stay arrangements and meeting my dad’s friend who lives in Hong Kong, my mother, father, cousin and I went to our first destination: The… Continue reading Hong Kong Trip – Day one

Happiness and Sorrow, the War!

Happiness and Sorrow once had a fight, Both said “Only I can make things right!” In between the “no, me!”s and “not you!”s, Out came a feeling called “the Blues” He said to Sorrow, “c’mon bro, let’s fight! I’m your relative and we’ll make things right” In between the war that was full of fear,… Continue reading Happiness and Sorrow, the War!