Mini Book Review: The Song From Somewhere Else

The books decided that I had been on a reading hiatus for long enough and ambushed me.

There’s my excuse for this post.

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Using Gems in Your Zentangle// An Unprofessional Tangler’s Guide


I had seen gems being used in zentangle since forever, and I finally decided to try it out. It used to look so complicated to make, but once I started, I realized that I was mistaken.

See that picture up there? That was the first gemdala (termed by me) that I made and actually liked. Since then, I have obsessively drawn, coloured and used gems in my zentangle like a hyperactive lunatic. Which I am, of course. Sometimes.

As I did it, I couldn’t help but notice that my way of drawing gemstones was different from the tutorials online. Seemingly simpler, too. That’s why today, I’m going to show you how draw them and how you can use them in your zentangle. Continue reading “Using Gems in Your Zentangle// An Unprofessional Tangler’s Guide”

Animals in Action: Episode 1@ The Erratic

My cousin has started an awesome and informative animal endangerment awareness series called Animals in Action, and the first issue featured red pandas! Go check it out!

Credit for featured image

The Erratic

Hello, world! I thought I’d got enough opinions from many bloggers and  thought it’d better start. After thinking, I thought I should write about red pandas as asked  by Mukta in the comments of A New Series. So, here goes! Nononono, but first, a picture….

red panda.jpg Isn’t it soo cute?

Red panda fact profile:

  1. Scientific name: Ailurus Fulgens.
  2. Also called: Lesser panda, red cat-bear, red bear-cat, firefox.
  3. Description: It has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs; it is slightly larger than a domestic cat. It is an endangered species and is a squishy, little omnivore.
  4. Feeds on: Eggs, insects, birds, bamboo, fruits, roots and small mammals.
  5. Belongs to: Bear  and raccoon family. It is an arboreal animal, which means it spends most of its time on trees, etc.
  6. Most importantly, why are they endangered?
    Interesting question. Well, the reason is…

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Feelings are a Part of Being Human


That’s a revolutionary, evergreen, and overused sentence. There are so many reasons to smile, and smiling can make someone’s day.

But we all can agree that there are emotions in the world ranging far and wide, and there’s no person who can say that he can always be happy, unless he’s lived in a giant milk carton all his life.

If that’s you, you have no excuse to read this. Shoo. Continue reading “Feelings are a Part of Being Human”

A Brief Intro to Natural Captures// DIY Pocket Poem

I must say that my photography has increased a LOT these days. Mainly because I’m on vacation.

And I have too many favourite pictures to put into separate posts, one by one, all with detailed and organized notes and summaries. I mean, who even reads all that?

So here I am, introducing to you Natural Captures, a two-part photo series of unedited, original snaps of nature and wildlife.

This series will take place any two randomly selected days in May. Probably because I don’t stick to blogging plans very much.

Here’s what the featured image will look like:

Look at that little chickadee!!

Now that that’s done, let’s move on to the more interesting bit. Continue reading “A Brief Intro to Natural Captures// DIY Pocket Poem”

The Writer’s Ink Challenge

And one of the most awesome things about writing is talking about it. Spilling the beans all over the floor. You can talk to yourself, to people you trust, OR… You can do this super cool tag. Talk about options.

I was tagged by le awesome Rachel, who I sincerely thank. I am obliged to you, kind blogger.

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Let’s Take a Ride Through My Head



I did a fair lot of writing, reached 80 followers, found some cool blogs, made myself a button, had some decent post ideas and got to unleash my poetic side by getting involved in NaPoWriMo. But then I thought… Why do people read the stuff I write? Many other bloggers have had this thought, and now it’s my turn. *shrugs*

There are some rather noticeable things about my blog. One thing is, my about page doesn’t reveal much about me. So I have decided it’s time for you to get to know me better. It’s time I told you who I am. Are you ready for the bumpiest mind-ride you’re ever going to have? Continue reading “Let’s Take a Ride Through My Head”

Mandala Photoshoot {Featuring the Elf’s Most Recent Mandalas}


Ever since my last post, I’ve been randomly working on a few zentangle projects, only a little bit differently.
Presenting my four most recent zentangle cum mandalas, or as I like to call them, zendalas!

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My Blog Button// A Short Post

I must say that I’m really, really excited, because



I spent hours and hours making it, shedding my sweat and tears, all to… Okay, cut the drama. I spent no more than five minutes making it. No trouble at all.

I also have it put up on my buttons page, which you can visit by clicking on these words.

I also figure that there’s no point in linking my button to my own blog, but I’m weird and that’s completely fine.

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Zentangle: What is it?


Zentangling is a meditative art technique that involves combining patterns to create a beautiful finished work. It is fun and relaxing and quite simple to master. The best part is, zentangling subconsciously immerses you into the process, making you temporarily unaware of the surroundings. It makes you willingly draw all your attention towards it. In other words, it is a creative form of meditation.

Was that really definitive? Ugh, I hate definitions.

Well, you get the point. Continue reading “Zentangle: What is it?”