AAWC Challenge Two




June 17th, 2005

The nearest star is 4.37 light years away from Earth. Which is why most wishes take at least 9 years to come true. The problem is, nine years ago, the wish I made was not a very good idea. And, well, the fact that everybody thinks I’m a weirdo is not helping either.

I was seven years old. My grandfather had died of an unexpected disease which I could not pronounce. The family gathered around the body and wept, muttering things like “We’re going to miss you” and “How could you leave us?” And out of my mouth, the mouth far too big for a kid so little, fell the words “Grandpa, I wish you could be with me forever!” Naturally, everybody sighed and wrapped me in their arms and patted my head. I was enjoying the attention.

But, see, I had never known my grandfather. And I never had asked for his ghost to pop out of nowhere when I turned fourteen. But it did. It was more fall out of the sky than pop out of nowhere, but that’s another story.

And ever since, that annoying supposedly-dead grandfather of mine follows me around everywhere, poking his nose in my business. Even, you know, the business he shouldn’t poke his nose in. And surprisingly, no one can see and hear him but me.

But you know what? I don’t hate the fact that I have my grandfather following my back like a “guardian angel” (in his own words), not as much as I used to. Believe me, I have tried- and failed- to despise his company.

My grandfather, he is… exceptional. Somehow, even though I never knew him, I… know him. I love every moment we spend together, every book we read together, every joke we crack together, every laugh we laugh together.


I love every walk we take in the meadow, except his skin is so papery and stance so gentle it almost looks like he’s floating. I love my grandfather.

He annoys me, fine, but he has taught me so much that my affection for him always win over my annoyance. He has taught me to see beauty in the little things in life, to see good in everything, to see light in the darkness.


My teenage life had been so dreary. He is the flame that lit it up. And I will never, ever call him a mistake, just the unfortunate outcome of a seven-year-old’s big-mouthedness. Because he is so much more to me. Yeah, it sounds like this is all some big fantasy, but to me, he is no less real than the rippling of the ocean tides and the tickle of the grass against my feet.


I am glad, so glad he is now with me forever. I am so glad for that star, 4.37 light years away from the Earth. I am so glad I am here and he is with me, because there is nowhere else I would rather be.

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