The Change Award, The Month, and The Hiatus

When I first began to get tagged for awards and such, I used to be super ecstatic. That’s when laziness took over. It’s been the ruling party for so long, but now, the opposition (me, basically) decided to make a move. Today I’m going to be doing The Change Award, a really neat tag by… Continue reading The Change Award, The Month, and The Hiatus

A Mirror to My Self

An aesthetic to reflect my personality, inspired by Gracie’s post (which was inspired by Lonelymeme’s post). Haha, good ideas travel far. ūüėČ i love: stars, the ocean and the play of words, seeking songs that are whispered, too vague to be heard, ¬†the fog in the mountains, sunlight through the trees, a walk by the… Continue reading A Mirror to My Self

Making Art for the Environment// I’M BACK??

I haven’t posted in some ten days. Welp. So… Hello. I know¬†I’ve been terrible blogger # 1, but what’s a couple posts less in your reader? Right?? Anyway, here I am, freshened up and better than ever! I’m really excited to come out of my little hole and see the blogging world anew and go… Continue reading Making Art for the Environment// I’M BACK??

Animals in Action: Episode 1@ The Erratic

Originally posted on The Erratic:
Hello, world! I thought I’d got enough opinions from many bloggers and ¬†thought it’d better start. After thinking, I thought I should write about red pandas as asked ¬†by¬†Mukta¬†in the comments of¬†A New Series. So, here goes! Nononono, but first, a picture…. Isn’t it soo cute? Red panda fact profile:…

My Previous Blog Designs and Why I Changed Them

I changed my blog design. Again. And that¬†set me thinking… WHY did I change my previous ones? At a point of time, the design I had felt fresh and exciting, but I slowly grew out of it, and that forced me to change it over and over again. But I’m surprised at this: I CHANGED… Continue reading My Previous Blog Designs and Why I Changed Them

Let’s Face it. NaPoWriMo is Here.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to EXPLODE with excitement or drown with nervousness, but it’s a fact. NaPoWriMo is here. I know you very conveniently found out, owing to the title, but¬†I put that in for the sake of extra drama. In a frank jumble of words, NaPo is awesomely scary. For me, anyway.… Continue reading Let’s Face it. NaPoWriMo is Here.

Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

A while ago, Mirra and I started a¬†collab blog, The Writing Writers. And in a month, we have ten amazing authors, thirty followers and a good response to our work. And now, we have started what we call¬†The Writing Writers Magazine,¬†featuring both our authors’ AND readers’ work. That’s right, you can enter too, and you… Continue reading Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Tagged by Mirra from A Young Writer’s Dream I got tagged?? YEP! First time ever! Thanks so much, Mirra! Do you like red pandas or black and white pandas? Oh my gosh… RED PANDAS!! They are so squishy! {via} I can’t even begin to explain how cute they are! Would you rather have a backpack… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

Interview Swap with Mirra@ A Young Writer’s Dream

On February 12th, 2017, my friend Mirra started a blog,¬†A Young Writer’s Dream. When I suggested for us to do this post, she gladly agreed. And so, after¬†much planning, I’m going to answer some questions she has laid out. What is your favorite writing style? I can’t decide which I like better between prose and… Continue reading Interview Swap with Mirra@ A Young Writer’s Dream