Roadside Markets// Indian Bazaar Photoshoot

One of the most prominent things about India is its street markets. They are many things, fascinating, colourful, and bustling with life. But today we’re dealing with colourful. There is much I did when I was on vacation last December, and apart from tripping, breaking a nail and getting a blister, which is all only… Continue reading Roadside Markets// Indian Bazaar Photoshoot

BIBPC the Fifth, Category 6

I missed the last BIBPC category, changed my design again, and my posts are getting less versatile. Huh. I’m on a roll. Anyway, I’m going to try to win us at least a few points this time. Very like me to post at the last moment, don’t you think? Pineapple’s still in the lead with 510.… Continue reading BIBPC the Fifth, Category 6

BIBPC the Fifth, Category One

Hello. It’s been long. So maybe I’ve taken a lot of breaks and have grown tired of apologizing for that, so maybe I’ve missed more than I’ve wanted to, but does it really matter now that it’s done? But I think what’s worth apologizing for is the constant change of design. Weird of me how… Continue reading BIBPC the Fifth, Category One

The Vendor

They cast their hopeful eyes on me The potatoes in the mound The mangoes looked cautiously From their pile on the ground. The tomatoes’ sight followed When I looked through their lot. I shook my head at the vendor “Is this what you’ve got? “Tomatoes green and raw! Mangoes undoubtedly sour! Who will think of buying… Continue reading The Vendor

A Success! No, a huge success!

Remember the story-poem The Sorry Story of an Apple Core (ahem, I published it today. But I just had to do another post) ? Based on it, I made a story for ages 4-7. And it was a huge success! Of course, there are a few modifications. There are a few activities and facts and stuff like that.… Continue reading A Success! No, a huge success!

The Sorry Story of an Apple Core

After I was plucked And after I was packed After I was bought On me they snacked. But why me? Why me did they buy? I’m in such a sorry plight That I really want to cry. When I’m singing my woes I’m not where I must be I like the place, but it’s a… Continue reading The Sorry Story of an Apple Core