What the Sea Tells Me

On our recent vacation, which was the main reason for my absence throughout December, we visited the sea twice. Once it was for a ferry ride and once it was to visit the beach. And while we were there, I remember my mom randomly asking me a question- what do we learn from the sea?… Continue reading What the Sea Tells Me

Yes, I’m Somehow Getting Into a Bad Habit of Not Posting// A Little About My NaNo Novel

Guess who’s back? Here’s a hint- it’s meeee! I don’t think you want to know what’s been up with me this December. I did only one other post and then went on another of my uninformed breaks and now it’s almost new year day. Well, I’ve been lazy and travelling and also reading quite a… Continue reading Yes, I’m Somehow Getting Into a Bad Habit of Not Posting// A Little About My NaNo Novel

Dear Inhabitants of Planet Earth…

Let me start by saying that I am just another regular human being in this chaotic world. I have two arms and two feet, two ears and two eyes, just like you. I also have an intricate and functioning body system, the way you do, a gift from nature that I can never fitly compare… Continue reading Dear Inhabitants of Planet Earth…

Feelings are a Part of Being Human

That’s a revolutionary, evergreen, and overused sentence. There are so many reasons to smile, and smiling can make someone’s day. But we all can agree that there are emotions in the world ranging far and wide, and there’s no person who can say that he can always be happy, unless he’s lived in a giant… Continue reading Feelings are a Part of Being Human

Happy New Day

I know I’m insane as much as you do, but yes. I don’t approve of new year resolutions because they don’t help me in any way. The whole point of resolutions is to¬†implement things that can make the year better. At least, that’s what most people think. But they don’t seem to figure that¬†aiming at… Continue reading Happy New Day

Musings of a Cotton Jersey

I could feel part of me in China A part of me in Brazil Parts here and there in India Parts in farms, parts on hills. Then all parts of me united Just one thing led to another I was cleaned and spun and woven And I was put together. Then I was dyed (I’m… Continue reading Musings of a Cotton Jersey