Dark and Light

The cold breath of the moonlight
Ran its fingers through my hair,
The dark sky speckled with silver
Exhaled its fragrance in the air.

When I thought about that moment
As I lay awake at night,
I realised stars couldn’t shine without darkness
But could they shine without their light?

Let’s Face it. NaPoWriMo is Here.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to EXPLODE with excitement or drown with nervousness, but it’s a fact.

NaPoWriMo is here.

I know you very conveniently found out, owing to the title, but I put that in for the sake of extra drama.


In a frank jumble of words, NaPo is awesomely scary. For me, anyway. That’s because I am not, and will never be, able to force poetry out of myself. It just comes naturally, and though it doesn’t always turn out the way I expect it to, I can’t sit down and bully myself to write.

Most writers will have had that true and unavoidable experience.

I’m going to participate. Though no one is compelling me to and I’m scared out of my wits, I’m going to. The NaPo guys have poetry prompts every day, so it hopefully won’t be as terrifying and I expect, and as a NaPo newbie, I’d love to know what some more elderly (muhahaha the sarcasm) NaPo-ers find the April stress. Do you guys manage to get through it? HOW??

So here’s the page in which I’m going to be posting all my poems. I have a feeling that this month is not going to be quite as ordinary. Do you think so too?

And Mukta would like to give you assurance that she will try very hard to write a poem every day and Mukta will also be a loyal and faithful bloggy friend.

Mukta is a good elf, you see.

Are you going to participate in NaPoWriMo?
Do you find it difficult?
Can you elderly guys give me some survival tips??

Mukta, the free elf

A Little Fun

It’s okay to spend a little time
Capering in the heat
It’s okay to have a little sand
Stuck between your feet.
It’s okay to have a little paint
Streaked across your face
It’s okay if at times your walk
Doesn’t proclaim utmost grace.
It’s okay to spend an evening
Lolling in the dirt
A little fun once in a while
Doesn’t really hurt.


Will you climb mountains with me
And trek through the Amazon?
Do you mind if stones hurt you?
Do you get pricked by thorns?

Let’s hang off jungle vines
And canoe through the Nile.
Let’s run with the gazelles
Let’s live amongst the wild.

I’m going on an adventure
And if you want to come too
Let nature be your gear
And let the Earth be your shoes.


Don’t think every smile you see is true
For we don’t know where secrets hide
If a face displays a cheery grin
None knows what’s deep inside.

Don’t think a person’s silence
Makes him any less than you
For the things he conceals within himself
Are ones only he can prove.

Don’t underestimate a person
If his talents haven’t yet been shown
For deep inside every one
Is a war you’ve never known.

A Smile

How can my face be lit by a grin
When a frown is all I want to wear?
How can I fake my happiness
If it isn’t really there?

Well, let me tell you something:
I may dance and I may sing
But faking my emotions
Isn’t really my thing.

I know a lot about me
And I’ll tell you this for good:
I won’t do something
Just because you think I should.

So don’t try and force my smile out
And don’t make me conceal it.
Let me be sad when I truly am
And happy when I feel it.

The Forest

I know a forest of darkness and gloom
It’s a place that leads to eternal doom.
Only those misled or those too queer
Find the road that leads here.
Those who make it out in one piece
Live to tell of its hounds and fleas
And all its creepy vampires and bats
And its pack of thirsty bloodsucking rats.
People say it’s all in my head
And the forest I find when I go to bed.
But wherever it is, I’m glad about
The fact that I found my way out.


I wandered distant lands
In my distant dreams
Alongside sky-high ridges
And crystal clear streams.

I rambled dark forests
Fields bearing golden wheat
And thorny lands where prickles
Set themselves in my feet.

I wandered woods and deserts
Felt blizzards and licked frost
I wandered all the world before
I realized I was lost.

Building Friendships

I can build a friendship with you
Using trust as my cement
And the stronger your trust will be
The stronger the arrangement.

Slowly, I’ll build it upwards
And leave the support of the earth
I’ll keep it going higher
If you succeed to show your worth.

But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you
Not to play any stupid tricks
Because the wall that I am building
Is made entirely of your bricks.