BIBPC the Fifth, Category Seven (Time is Bugging Me)

Seven. That means the end is near.
Mm… that came out wrong.

So apparently this is the seventh category of BIBPC and there are… *counts* zero categories left. Wow. Time is annoying. Fast and annoying. Like bugs.

Uh… that doesn’t matter. What matters is that Pineapple now has 607 points and hasn’t lost the lead. Yaaaaay. *confetti*

team pineapple bibpc

This time’s category was Tiny.Read More »

BIBPC the Fifth, Category One

Hello. It’s been long.

So maybe I’ve taken a lot of breaks and have grown tired of apologizing for that, so maybe I’ve missed more than I’ve wanted to, but does it really matter now that it’s done?

But I think what’s worth apologizing for is the constant change of design. Weird of me how I could find the time to keep re-designing this place but not to post. This one’s staying, though. Unless I lose my head again.

Today I have my first entry for Megan‘s photography contest, BIBPC. I took part last time too, and it was fun and very well organized. I’m in team Pineapple this time, and that’s nice because it was my first preference. We’ve got some really good photographers too, and I can hardly wait to see how we turn out to perform!

team pineapple bibpc

The first category was Fruit. This is the picture I decided to stick with.Read More »

A Brief Intro to Natural Captures// DIY Pocket Poem

I must say that my photography has increased a LOT these days. Mainly because I’m on vacation.

And I have too many favourite pictures to put into separate posts, one by one, all with detailed and organized notes and summaries. I mean, who even reads all that?

So here I am, introducing to you Natural Captures, a two-part photo series of unedited, original snaps of nature and wildlife.

This series will take place any two randomly selected days in May. Probably because I don’t stick to blogging plans very much.

Here’s what the featured image will look like:

Look at that little chickadee!!

Now that that’s done, let’s move on to the more interesting bit.Read More »

BIBPC the Fourth, Category {Perched}

Have you noticed that time has flown by so quick that it’s already the last category of BIBPC?

Team Fox is leading right now, with 499 points, but we have to keep the good work up if we want to win this thing. And I’m sure we can. GO TEAM FOX!


The theme this time is

Animal Close-Ups

Well, we haven’t got many animals around (not ones worth photographing anyway), so I picked a picture of a bird I had taken a while back.



On my vacation back in December, I spotted this little bird perched on a piece of wire. I took a few pictures of it, and I believe it counts as a close-up since I zoomed as much as I could.

I also made a poster for BIBPC the Fifth to make up for the points I’m going to lose for the quality 😛

BIBPC Poster Modern.png

Logo vector created by Freepik” target=”_blank”>Vector by Freepik

I guess that’ll do.

Until next time!

~Mukta@ Born Free


I wandered distant lands
In my distant dreams
Alongside sky-high ridges
And crystal clear streams.

I rambled dark forests
Fields bearing golden wheat
And thorny lands where prickles
Set themselves in my feet.

I wandered woods and deserts
Felt blizzards and licked frost
I wandered all the world before
I realized I was lost.

A Little Doodah I’m Up To

Aloha. Long time no see. You must’ve had a jolly Christmas, so I think I needn’t ask.

I was off for a holiday you-don’t-need-to-know-where ( 😈 ).
But next week’s going to be as busy as an ice cream shop in midsummer. The upcoming week, the first week of the fresh year, is officially declared


What, you haven’t started skipping around like a cuckoo yet? Hm, I guess not. Maybe I should tell you some stuff about photography week, then.

As you know, I’ve been off on vacation and as you probably don’t know, I’ve snapped about a cartload of pictures. But I don’t think it’s a really good idea to dump it all out here at the same time. So, the next week is going to be full of daily posts with a minimum of three pictures each devoted to a theme. It’s going to be fun for me, and it’s my job to make it fun for you too. I’ll try my best, and you can tell me if I did my job well enough when you see a post out here saying Photography Week #1. 

And you know what, you can try and guess where I went for the holidays by looking at the stuff I clicked. I’m not saying you’ll get it in the first attempt, but it’s always worth a try, don’t you think? Well, you’ll just have to wait for three more days. December’s got a 31st, I trust. Wait, lemme check. *messes around with fingers* Yeah,  three days to go.

Okay, I can’t promise that you’ve started cuckoo dancing just yet, but I hope you’ll be looking forward to photography week. I’m dying to get started, but I’ll have to figure out where to, first. As I do that, it’ll be essential for you to go back to whatever the devil you were doing. See you later, folks!

~Mukta@ Born Free

In Bintan, Indonesia

I’d left for Singapore on the 9th of April, and now I was leaving to Bintan. We took a ferry from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and left. I, my uncle Pranav, aunt Teena, cousin Eeshan and grandfather Mukund boarded onto a ferry called Wan Seri Beni. It was with a bit of inspiration from that ferry that I found a new story waiting to be inked.

We reached Bintan’s ferry terminal after about an hour. The ferry terminals in these places are like airports, really, except that they allow food and we’ve got to board a boat instead of a plane. We reached the Bintan Lagoon resort. It was a really environmental one, it was clear, when it was entered. We stayed in Cempaka 45 for a day and a night, until the next morning, when my grandfather reported that the air conditioner in his room was leaking. His bed was all wet, and that was water, thank you very much.

So, a certain change of stay took place on the second day. We moved to Buganvil 35. This one had two storeys and four rooms. In both these houses, I had a room for myself. I unpacked most everything in my bag and placed the tit-bits in a drawer, and my load of books on the dressing table. I had a huge pen supply. Gel pens, ball pens, correction pens, markers, differently-tipped zentangle pens and even calligraphy pens complete with two extra different-sized nibs.I had them all packed. So you name it, I supply it.

I became the pen supplier for the family. From filling forms in the ferry to checking-in into Bintan to sitting in my grandfather’s pocket, my pens were in picture. Blacks, blues, silvers, thicks and thins, all were options. I even had 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 millimeter sizes. I sure love pens. Anyway, the first night in Cempaka 45 was creepy. The window was next to my bed and it was really wide. There were sounds coming from the window: chirps, hoots, I forget which. We’d come back from the beach where we’d made a pool. I was exhausted. We had stuff like cottage cheese gravy, dal and roti for dinner, and I was very full, so I kind of plopped onto the bed. I did sleep quite a while after that, though.

The next morning, we went to the swimming pool, where I broke two nails. I don’t really want to add many details about that. Then we went Batik painting. I loved it. I’m not a precise painter, but that painting came really well (all thanks to the wax outline). Eeshan too did a pretty job, and he’s just 5. We went to the Jungle Gym, for 4 to 10 year olds, and I’m 11 in June. I decided to have a look around, and that place was huge for sure. There was this little girl in there. I think she liked me. She’d be like 4 or 5 too. Well, Eeshan and the girl tried to catch me around the place, and they didn’t until much, much later, and that was when Teena Mami had to come and help. She walked right past my hiding place, yelling my name, and I decided to jump out, so I did, and she  caught me and I wriggled out and Eeshan and the girl came out from behind and- let’s just say I was sweating really, really badly after that. I was exhausted.

The third day, we did more Batik painting and got some bamboo keychains, after which we went back to Buganvil 35 and rested a bit (meaning, for me, wrote the fifth chapter of my story). Then, it was time to go back to Singapore by the same ferry, Wan Seri Beni. And so we did. It was a lovely stay at Bintan. Three days and two nights… a bit less than enough.