BIBPC the Fifth, Category 2

I’ve pretty much let go of the whole schedule idea. Schedules and I don’t get on very well. That’s not very nice of me since I did an official intro too, but I guess I shouldn’t force myself to do something I can’t… So there. Getting to the point, hello! Today I have my take… Continue reading BIBPC the Fifth, Category 2

Using Gems in Your Zentangle// An Unprofessional Tangler’s Guide

I had seen gems being used in zentangle since forever, and I finally decided to try it out. It used to look so complicated to make, but once I started, I realized that I was mistaken. See that picture up there? That was the first gemdala (termed by me) that I made and actually liked. Since then, I have… Continue reading Using Gems in Your Zentangle// An Unprofessional Tangler’s Guide

Zentangle: What is it?

Zentangling is a meditative art technique that involves combining patterns to create a beautiful finished work. It is fun and relaxing and quite simple to master. The best part is, zentangling subconsciously immerses you into the process, making you temporarily unaware of the surroundings. It makes you willingly draw all your attention towards it. In other… Continue reading Zentangle: What is it?