The Weird And The Funderful

 You don’t have to be perfect… it’s the heart that counts.

And colouring pages don’t have to be perfect, it’s the person who is colouring that counts :mrgreen: . If you’re tired of being elaborate, if you’re stressed or depressed, or just plain old bored…

I proudly present The Weird And the Funderful, colouring pages made especially for you.

Choose, download, print, colour. Four simple steps.
Absolutely no problem if you choose to print  black and white.

How to download these images
Step 1: Click on an image to enlarge
Step 2: Right Click on the image
Step 3: Click on Save Image As
Step 4: Save it in File Explorer
P.S- You’ll have to use your laptop or computer to download. Bah, I guess that was pretty obvious…

Original photos 
filtered using Prisma.